Sunday, August 7, 2011

Next game: Jauregui vs. Vela (Rd.6, board 2)

Finally, the game between Juan Pablo and me (Vela) will be played next Thursday August 11th. We tried to make it happened before but personal situations and changes in working schedules kept making it impossible to realized this battle over the board.
 Now, when Jauregui was very close to losing against Ramirez, I have to fight him really hard with my beloved French Defense.

Because it seems that everything is ready for another 1.e4 e6 opening, since Jauregui has kept his promise of playing 1.e4 against me in our last 3 games where he's got white...(!)
So in this case the question is not if I am prepared to face whatever Juan Pablo comes up with, versus my beloved French Defense, the real question is, WILL HE BE PREPARED?? 
I am certain that he will have a nice little surprise for me, and I say little because I have played pretty much anything under the sun against my French.... Sometimes it works and I am crushed as Ramirez would say "like a cockroach" though most of the time, the cockroach runs away, rolls over, screams and yells out...only to go back on his feet and 'exterminate' the attacker!!
So, once more, we'll see what happens!!
It will be difficult, even more so this time when the standings play such a big role because there's only 8 games left in this match, and no more half points can be wasted, much less full points.
One thing is for sure: I can only be glad to have this couple of friends as my opponents, who present me with the hardest, most difficult tests in every phase of my game, and now Jauregui will be, as usual, a formidable adversary to beat, or maybe even just to defend against, in what I -and some others- consider one of my main strong points: To have the Black pieces against 1.e4, playing my favorite French Defense, and get the kind of game that I love!
Without anything else to add, let me just say: Let the great storm on my black King BEGIN!!!


Jose Ramirez said...

If I was Jauregui I will not play
1.e4. Why to play the opening Vela know better? But you never know, if Vela lose this game than he will fate a very difficult battle in this Tournament-Match! I want to see a bloody game!!!

Juan Jauregui said...

I am ready for a tough battle vs Paco's french....let's fight!

Paco Vela. said...

There you go!! That's the Spirit!!
Let's try to kill each other!!
I'm glad Jauregui hasn't develop an allergy against my french!! (not yet!)
If I lose, it will be difficult but not impossible to come back. I did it in 3 rounds...I can do it again.
First, the black king must die, and that is the job of our Galactic friend to do, let's see if he'll do it...or if my french can take the punch and give it back 10 times stronger!!
Let's fight, my friend!!

Jose Ramirez said...

I think the Galactico will win this encounter, Vela is not completely recovered from the last game against me, I killed him slowly, Vela I think you are on the verge of stay in the basement for ever!!

Paco Vela. said...

Jose, you didn't kill me, I killed myself, please!
Now I have to play a little less risky, but I am going to try to win this Match, no matter what!
When I finally come out of this basement, I am going to put YOU in here, and then YOU will finish in the'll see...

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