Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Round 6 board 3. I am the leader!!!

I won the game, and with it, I finished the 6th round as the new leader!!

Three things I have accomplished with this win:

1) I was finally able to beat Jose with my white pieces in this Match.
2) I am the first player to win a whole round 2-0, kicking both my opponents butt!! (As Jose would say)
3) I become the leader on the scoreboard, if only by half a point over Jose, and a full point over Jauregui.

Here's the game with comments, finally!


Zanjero said...

Great job Paco! It takes a lot of mental toughness to climb out from behind the pack and emerge on top.

Jose Ramirez said...

Very good my friend! Now the Match-Tournament is more interesting. But remember on the end I will prevail. "THE CUBAN MAMBI".

Paco Vela. said...

Thank you Zanjero. I am still not saying that I am the winner just yet, but that I will keep fighting as if I were at the bottom. I am used to it now.
Jose, you say that at the end you will prevail...and i told you that "Caballo que alcanza, gana!"

So, lets see who is right this time!

The only sure thing is that any of us three can still win this tough Match. Lets wait and see...

Meanwhile, let's keep fighting to the death of the Kings!!!

I want no draws!!!!

Victory is my one and only target!!

Paco Vela. said...

Where's El Galactico?
It's been over a Month since he made his lats comment here in my blog....maybe he's busy...I don't know...

Jose Ramirez said...

Very good my friend, you outplayed me in the middle game and had a comfortable end game. Congratulations!

rnezhmetdinov said...

A well played game. jose did his best to complicate the game and Paco won with the advanced pawns. It seems the lead may change, as with 3 players, from last to the lead is a giant stride, so close the field of players!

Jose Ramirez said...

I will prevail!!!

Paco Vela. said...

Jose, keep on repeating that phrase "I will prevail....I will prevail..." It's good that you want to convince yourself.
However, I am really interested in knowing...what will it happen IF you don't prevail?? What are you going to say, then??
'Cause I know that if you win the Match, you'll scream all over Las Vegas: "See?? I told you!!" But what if you don't win??
Maybe it's better if I just wait and see for myself....
First you have to play Jauregui (with black, too!) and that's not such an easy task, I know!
This Match is so interesting!!! I love it!!

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