Standings 2014

Standings 2014
Standings table, Match 2014.

Schedule 2014

Schedule 2014

National Open 2015

Friday, August 8, 2014

Game 8: Vela vs. Ramirez (1/2-1/2)

Once again, what a game.
I squeezed Jose's position to the maximum, and then it took just one one wrong rook move and the game became equal, to finish in a well earned draw.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Game 7: Ramirez vs. Vela (1-0)

Chess is a cruel game.
Jose surprised me by playing 1.e4 again in this Match (usually he'd do it only once in a match, just like I do it to play against his Sicilian)
After a tough battle in the middle game and some mistakes on his part I acquired a winning advantage with 2 extra pawns, but in just one move I messed it up really bad.

Another fighting French against my friend Jose.

On move 38 I only had 1 minute to reach move 40, no excuses, but I should had seen such an easy threat in 1 second and lost my concentration, blundering a whole piece.
I tried to survive but to no avail. Jose wrapped up the ending nicely and deservedly won the game.
What can I say?

Ni modo.

Friday, July 11, 2014

"It's freaking hot!" Round 1: Teves vs. Vela (0-1)

Well Mister, we're going to have a serious problem here if you fail the test. Let's go! Walk a straight line now!
-"Shit! I'm fucked!"
             A strange French,exchange variation arises and white gets aggressive with his queen. After a few exchanges that leave black ahead in development, the game is decided when a knight gets trapped, handcuffed and put into jail with a life sentence.

           Here is the game:


Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer of Caissa, round 4: Vela vs. Ynigo (1-0)

Faster is not always better than slower...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Game 6: Vela vs. Ramirez (1-0)

A tense struggle. White develops quickly and gets a very active position, sacrifices a pawn for a big attack on black's king which end in a good material advantage. There's some sort of counterattack for black with bishop and queen, plus the usual time trouble on both sides, but when I manage to exchange the queens the game is over, black loses his bishop also.
A nice chess game to remember for me.

Here it is:

Bird's eye from the Black side.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Game 5, match 2014, Ramirez vs. Vela (0-1)

Jose started with an unusual move order in the opening, kind of a "Bird system"

      He went for a kingside attack that looked strong, but I defended well and after a few tactics Black was able to exchange queens and after time control on move 40 the ending was really easy to win with an extra pawn and the exchange to my advantage.
      An interesting game...