Thursday, July 28, 2011

Round 6 Board 1: Ramirez vs. Jauregui, on Monday August 1st.

Well, here we go again...

The battles keep coming up and the results too, and this time, once more between these two players, the war for the number one spot will be taking place, and this time it happen at Ramirez's home.

Jose, if only by the smallest of margins (1/2 point) is the leader with only 3 full rounds left in the Spanish Torture Match of 2011.                                              That means we all have 6 more games to go, and even though the results are as important as they were at the beginning of the match,  the huge difference will be the psychological weight that a win or a loss takes into one's mindset at almost the end of the Match.

We are almost as close as we can be (without being tied in points, of course) when the difference between the leader and the third place is just ONE point.

Anything can happen, and I'm sure something will happen before we all shake hands in November to declare the winner of this tough, but fantastic encounter of ideas and styles.

For now, the beginning of the sixth round will decide if Ramirez stays at the top by one and a half point, or keeps it and just 1/2 a point with a draw, or if he falls (again) against the Galactic moves of Planet Jauregui, and if that's the case, Juan Pablo would become the leader, at least for a moment, and until the other two games are played and the 6th round is officially over.

This is almost the moment of truth, when strong nerves are needed and must be made out of steel, and the will to win is going to prevail.

A win or a draw are good enough for Ramirez. And while a draw is not a bad result for Jauregui, I'm sure he will want to win with black now that he has the number one spot within a hand's reach.

For me is really bad news that I will have to miss this extraordinary battle due to work, but at least I know that they will try to destroy each other with all their will, and one of them might finish the night after the game dancing some salsa in happiness...

All I have to say to you guys is: Fight! And do it with all your power, your knowledge, your experience, so go ahead and kill the opponent's King!!!

Have a great game, my friends!!

-Paco Vela.


Jose Ramirez said...

I will prevail! And be the unquestionable leader of this match! Check Mate to the black king!!

Paco Vela. said...

I wish I could see the whole game! It will be a nice struggle for first place.
Good "luck" to both of you.
Play sharp, strong and decisive chess.
May the best one win!!!!

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