Tuesday, August 30, 2011

7.1 Jauregui vs. Ramirez, next Monday...

Some time ago, even before we had reached the second half of this 3-crazy-men-tournament, I wrote in one of my comments that the most difficult phase in the Match would take place in the last two rounds...
Well, the last two rounds are here, and on Monday, September the 5th, the beginning of the end starts...

   The game this time -actually for the first time in the year- will feature a battle between Jauregui (white) against Ramirez (black) to stay in the pack. 
It is the first time that they play when neither one of them is the official leader on the scoreboard, but both have a great chance to continue within reach of first place.
In fact, if Jose wins, he would surpass me by half a point to take provisional leadership.
If Juan Pablo wins, he would catch up shoulder by shoulder with me.
And if they draw, Jose catches up with me, and Juan Pablo stays at the bottom, provisionally also...
The fiercest of battles begins with this encounter. No one has the first place guaranteed, despite so many "threats" of winning, kicking and killing...
Nobody knows yet how this will end. And that's what makes it more exciting and interesting than ever!

I'd like to think that the momentum is on my side because of what just happened in the 6th round when I won both my games and with that I took over the role of Commander in points.
But this spot is so fragile...   So much so, that it's very easy to lose touch with the floor and to let your mind loose, flying around in the clouds...
The best option, in my opinion, is to be optimistic without losing sight of reality.
To be a fighter without going crazy.

This game, and the other 5 left in this Match will be just as important as the games in any of the past rounds, but psychologically much more difficult to play out. If strong nerves were required before, nerves of steel are required now, where the situation could drastically change with just one bad decision, or just a great plan also.

I would love to wish the best of luck to both my friends, but I don't believe in luck in chess, I only believe in good and bad moves....       Therefore, I just want to wish both of them good...  No, wait, better yet, I want to wish you both GREAT moves, so that I can be a witness to a phenomenal game, whatever the result might be.

I don't wanna make any prophesies or anything like that, but I do think this will be a great fighting game, where both of them will let their mind, strength, stamina and sweat all out on the chessboard, and a fantastic battle of ideas and such great clash of styles will have Jauregui's garage very well illuminated with a sparkling game of chess.

May the best result for both of you come true!


-Paco Vela.


Jose Ramirez said...

I will prevail!

Paco Vela. said...

Y dale con esa otra vez!!!

Eso si, por exceso de confianza no puedo criticarte, Jose.

Juan Pablo no escribe mas en ningun lado. No se nada de el. La partida se supone es en su casa. Se ira a llevar a cabo o que?
Jose, si sabes algo me avisas porque el no contesta mis textos.
Que ganen los dos!!! Jejeje!!! Bye!

Jose Ramirez said...

Paco jugamos este lunes, la hora todavia no la se, ya le preguntare al galactico. Yo sigo meditanto y concentrado en mi estrategia para esta fase final del match.
Tengo que ser el campeon!

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