Monday, January 16, 2012

The Match 2012 will begin soon!

After a very good and friendly meeting with my friend Jose Ramirez, all the details have been worked out, and a new Match will begin in just one week...

This time, we have decided to play a match between ourselves, just like in old times, for reasons that I don't need to mention here. The point is, that we have talked and fortified our great friendship after many difficult issues have been resolved.
2012 will be the 14th match in a row and we decided that the format will consist of 16 rated games, which will be played out even if one of us reaches the goal of 8.5 points before the 16th game.
For now, I just wanted to let every reader of this blog know about our decision of continuing our historic matches for another year yet again...woo-hoo!
Jose starts the Match in the first game with the white pieces, and he says he's already studying his openings and everything else in order to try to take the title that has belong to me for the past 3 years in a row...So we'll see what happens.
This promises to be another great fight as usual, and I'm looking forward to it!!
Please stay tuned, because a few sparks are sure to be flying very soon!


Jose Ramirez said...

Ok my friend, we are back to the real business, OUR CHESS MATCHES! I will try to take away the title you have been enjoying for the last three years. Lets do it, lets play good chess...I'm ready!

Paco Vela. said...

Oh yes!! I have been enjoying for 3 years in a row...that's right!!!
Three years sleeping just like a baby! Woo-hoo!
I am also ready for a great fight!
Let's do this!!!

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