Monday, February 6, 2012

Match 2012, Game 2:

Here is the win by Jose in the second game of the match, and I was finally able to analyze it with Fritz's help:

Game 3 is next Monday, the 20th.


Jose Ramirez said...

Good game my friend, and good time!

Jose Ramirez said...

Very good game my friend, I liked, I'm not saying I played the best moves.. but some time you have to play that way to bring your opponent out of the ring to the street, this game was a street fight! like Rocky Balboa! This game reminded me my school time fights!! Lets do it again..!!

Paco Vela. said...

Hahaha! Like Rocky Balboa!
You are crazy Jose!
Anyways, I really like this game, even though I lost. Maybe because I felt uncomfortable with your style of play and I wasn't able this time to keep cool nerves under your tactical pressure, plus the time, as usual. But the war for 2012 has just begun, and nothing is written on stone so far.
I will be fighting like a true Champion and you know that!
This will be a great match, I know that for sure!
See you on Monday for another bloody battle my friend!!!

Jose Ramirez said...

Hahaha.. yes i'm a little crazy..You are right my friend, nothing is benn written on stone so far..lets keep a good fight..See you on my house this Monday, check mate to yor king!

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