Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Game 14: Vela vs. Ramirez (1/2-1/2)

A super interesting Grunfeld. A game with two different concepts, black taking the initiative on the queenside with his pawn majority, while white had an advantage in the center, and an extra exchange.
At the end, both sides played very accurately, and a draw was the just result.
With this draw we reach a new record: Never before Jose and I had ever drawn so many games in a match! The record was 5, but in 2012 we have 7 draws already, and there are still 2 more games to play!
All of those 7 games have been fighting draws of course. We don't settle for "chicken" draws like some GM's and other gutless players that are more worried about not losing that about winning....We fight like true warriors, and only if the position has no more "juice" in it, only then we might call it quits...
After this draw I have reached the necessary 8.5 points, therefore, winning the Match 2012 which will still be 16 game war anyways. So there are 2 more (rated) games to play, and I would love to finish with at least +4, so we'll see...
Here is the game with my comments:


Jose Ramirez said...

Good game my friend!

Paco Vela. said...

Yes jose. Great game!!

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