Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Game 7: Ramirez vs. Vela (1-0)

Chess is a cruel game.
Jose surprised me by playing 1.e4 again in this Match (usually he'd do it only once in a match, just like I do it to play against his Sicilian)
After a tough battle in the middle game and some mistakes on his part I acquired a winning advantage with 2 extra pawns, but in just one move I messed it up really bad.

Another fighting French against my friend Jose.

On move 38 I only had 1 minute to reach move 40, no excuses, but I should had seen such an easy threat in 1 second and lost my concentration, blundering a whole piece.
I tried to survive but to no avail. Jose wrapped up the ending nicely and deservedly won the game.
What can I say?

Ni modo.

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Anonymous said...

Matches among friends.. Very tough.. Enjoying every game !

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