Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Game 12: Vela vs. Ramirez (0-1)

What is it with this guy? Is he taking extra vitamins?

       Jose won (yet again) and now he is ahead in the Match!!!!
Not only that, but his next victory could be the last game this year.
       He's got his 5th win and is now waiting to find a way to take one more point, the sixth, which would end the Match.
       I have to win 2 games to take it, and that seems very difficult now, since I have Black in the next game, number 13, and I have lost 3 blacks in a row already, so what to do?

       Well, the only thing left to do is FIGHT!

Jose with a very suspicious red container next to him.....Mmmmm... 
(Here is the game)

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Jose said...

Hahahaaha,,Paco very graciously your comment, jijijiji, lets fight one more time.

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