Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Chess match 2015, game 4

    Last night we played the fourth game of our Match and after sacrificing the b2 pawn, white attacked the black king with everything but the kitchen sink. 
   Actually, at one point Jose had a draw by repetition by sacrificing a whole rook. I saw it and thought he would go for it, but under great time pressure he missed it, and after wrongly sacrificing his knight, black only had to find place for his king and then advance the a pawn, until white really had nothing else to do, but give up.
   The score is 3 to 1 in my favor, but with 8 more games to go, it's a nice advantage, but nothing decisive yet.
   I have white in the next one, game 5, but after that Jose will have 2 whites in a row, interesting...

The fight never ends.
        OK, here is the game with some light comments:

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Jose said...

Good time. Congrats my friend for the victory!

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