Friday, August 19, 2016

My best chess games, by Paco Vela.

   I've abandoned my chess website for a while, but that's about to change in a few weeks.
   I've been working on posting my best games. At first, I wanted to make it about my best 10 games, or 12, or even 16, but man! This is difficult!
I have a total of 808 games in my database.

    I trimmed them down from 68 to 58. Then, from 58 to 45, from there down to 38, and now to 27. And the more I look through every game, the more and more difficult it is to say: "Nope, this one doesn't belong to one of my best".
    It may be pride, selfishness, or both. Either way, it's not easy.
   I think I will end up doing my best 20 chess games, because after all of this, I think I might be able to cut off at least 7 more, but no more.

Coming up soon...

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Jose said...

It is a good idea. Require good amount of time and dedication, I think you can do it. I will read it. Why not?...

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