Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last game of the 5th. Round: Next Monday!

On the 18th of July, at the Mambi's house, the last game of round 5 will take place, Ramirez vs. Vela.
It's a very promising situation for both players, who are only half a point behind the provisional front-runner on Planet Leadership.
And victory for any of us will mean indisputable and official leadership of the pack with only three rounds remaining, while the loser will have to stay at the basement, though with only one point difference from first place, and many chances to recover and keep fighting...
In case of a draw, all three of us would be tied with 5 points, and only six games remaining per player and the end the match...
I have black and will be playing Jose, who is still recovering from his loss against El Galactico, Jauregui.

Ramirez's play has been on the descending side, with only 1.5 points in the last 3 rounds (5 games) while I have got 4 points out those 5 games also. To me this only means that I'm on the ascending side of my game, and looking at the situation of the colors (which by the way Jose and I consider very important, if not vital) Jose comes to our game after losing his last two 'white' games, while I have won my last two 'black' games.
All this does not predict any future results, of course, but in my opinion it sets the stage to go into the battle with a specific mindset.  I feel confident with my black pieces. I can lose, but will play the game without any fear, nor worries whatsoever. If I lose another one, I know I can recover quickly, and I know how... That is my advantage. I have been at the bottom before, I know my way out of it. My two adversaries might not find their way out of that situation in time to recover, so I will be playing as accurate and sharp as possible, in search for the whole point.
I think that I have what it takes to take the leadership in this great Match that is getting more and more interesting as we get closer to the final rounds.
But in Mr. Ramirez I have a difficult wall to take down, so we'll see how the events develop, and have to accept the three different outcomes: 1) I lose, and go back to the bottom by only one point. 2) We draw, and all three share first place, or 3) I win, and finally take over the spot that everyone of us is fighting for.
A sharp battle is looming in the near future...
Lets fight for the top spot, my friend!!! 

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