Monday, October 17, 2011

The beginning of the End starts!! 8.1 Ramirez vs. Jauregui.

This is it! The last round begins tonight at Ramirez's house with the last encounter of the Spanish Torture Match between my two friends, Ramirez versus Jauregui...

I cannot stress out how important this duel will be for both of them!

Jose is the leader by the smallest of margins, and Juan Pablo cannot risk to even draw the game if he's to keep his chances of first place alive. And even though Juan has the black pieces, precisely that color has been the best one to give him chances of victories during this year.
Jose has not been able to win a single game while on the white side vs. El Galactico, but I'm sure he will do his best effort tonight, because with a victory he has half of the title in the bag...

On the other hand, Juan Pablo will also try to get out of the basement and stop the Mambi at the same time. We're in for a great fight!!

The last round of our Match begins, and "the championship" is still in the air, waiting at the end of this long tunnel for the toughest fighter in 2011.

I wish you both deep concentration, nerves of steel and tons of fighting spirit. I will be right there to comment on the game, and enjoy together one more great night with my Amigos and great chess musketeers!

I want a clean fight. No punching nor kicking under the table. Protect your minds at all times...

Let the battle begin !!

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