Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Last game of round 7, Ramirez vs. Vela (1-0)

Ramirez played a great game using his white pieces to beat my french defence. This is most probably the best and cleanest of all my losses in this Match.
If I had to pick my "best" loss I would pick this one, so far! At least up until now...

He never let go of the initiative, he never allowed me any counter-play...This is how you play against the French!
It's very difficult to make so many precise moves as white to maintain the attack going but if it happens, then the difficulty comes around to the other side and black is likely to fail somewhere, since the defense is tough, and the pressure and the effectiveness of White's attack will crack the most stubborn black army almost every time...

That's what happened here. Jose won in great style against the defense that he hates the most and the one he's statistically less likely to beat, but he did it nonetheless!

Congratulations my friend! You now regain the leadership and the better chances to become the Champion this year, but don't become overconfident.

There's still one more round to go,two more games per player, so this is not decided yet!
The last 3 games are going to be full-bloody battles. I don't think we'll see any draws, if any, they'll be fought out to the last pawn! We'll see...

Meanwhile, here is the game:


Jose Ramirez said...

Que??!! Aqui no se ve nada de nada!

Paco Vela. said...

Ok, Jose I fixed it.

Congratulations Panzon!!

Jose Ramirez said...

I'm so happy with this game!! I killed the french!, and I'm the leader again! I was ready for a different lines against Nc3, my friend choose the classical variation and I played a couples of over the board psychological moves and every thing when well for my attack! MISSION ACOMPLISHED!

Néstor Quadri said...

Hola Paco
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Saludos afectuosos
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