Monday, October 31, 2011

Next to last game: 8.2 Jauregui vs. Vela

There are only 2 games left to finish the Spanish Torture Match of 2011, and this game coming up between El Galactico with White, and The Aztec warrior with Black will be crucial in every aspect of the competition.
It doesn't matter what the result will be, but win, draw or loss, it will define who stays in the fight for first place...and who leaves the finish second or third.
This will also be the last official game for Juan Pablo in the Match. After 15 tough battles he has gathered 7.5 points, or 50%. Not bad at all really, especially if one takes into account that he has participated in a Match like this one for the very first time in his chess career...
Anyways, he needs to win!! Anything else, a loss or even a draw are not enough for him anymore.
He has to win!! There's no tomorrow.
In my case my situation is not so drastic, though it's very important too!
A win for me, meaning obviously a full point, would be the best to be able to go into the very last battle against El Mambi with several advantages: The white pieces, half a point over him, the pressure on him to win the game with black, etc, etc...  But I'm getting ahead of myself...way ahead!

Mr. Jauregui, fighting the French...Again!
First, I have to be able to defend with precision against the rage of Juan Pablo's White's army. I need to be ready to counterattack with exactitude if the chance appears. I have to play an active defense with chances of counter-play. If I can't do that, or to put it better, if I am not able nor allowed to do that, his chances of victory will increase dramatically.
Now, we must take into account though, that we will be playing the French Defense once again!
My beautiful, beautiful French!

Jose just killed me a couple of games back against my French, but this time is Jauregui's turn to try to destroy it...Will he do it?
I know that he is studying hard and deeply to prepare for such an important and defining moment...
So far he has been unable to defeat my black pieces, but does that mean that he can't win this time?? Of course not!!
He has all the knowledge and ambition to destroy my favorite defense at the most tense moment for both of us!

That's why I have been checking out a couple of set ups that where I didn't use the most precise plans in the past, and a few more that I would like to employ, if the chance arises.

The game will take place at Jauregui's beautiful and perfect chess environment, in his house, on Monday November the 7th. at around...I don't know, 6 or 7 pm.

In my opinion this game will be electrifying and some sparks will start flying off right after or even at the beginning of the opening phase.
The result?? Impossible to predict!
The will power in both contenders??...Up to the sky, no doubt!
One of us will end his dreams of winning the Match, the other one will finish second or third depending on the result of last game Vela vs. Ramirez.
1.e4 e6: Black is better, already...
My destiny is not guaranteed but at least is still in my hands. This is my most important French defense in the match, and I'm ready. As soon as see 1.e4 at the board I know I'm ready!!

So, come on my friend!
Let's try once more to kill each other at the board!! 
It'll be FUN!!

Lets fight!!

-Paco Vela.

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