Tuesday, November 8, 2011

8.2 Jauregui vs. Vela (The game)

In another tough fight, the french survived once again against the galactic preparation.
I planned to play the Tarrasch in case of 3.Nd2 and even though Juan Pablo had the advantage pretty much during the whole game, I was able to keep it level all the time and was never in great danger of losing.
I did feel the pressure and had to spend large amount of time playing precise and some times even a little risky. The game faded into a Rook and Bishop versus Rook and Knight ending with pawns on both sides of the board, but again, I was able to position my pieces defensively in the best squares, and Jauregui decided not to risk too much in this ending where the knight could become active if a slip had happened on his part...
And now, here is the game:


Jose Ramirez said...

Buena partida muchachos! Solo que me desesperaron con sus jugaditas de jicotea. Buen final, pero le falto sangre! Felicidades Paco, ahora te ahogaras con tu propia sangre cuando te corte la cabeza en tu casa. Y las negras apalean a las blancas!!!

Paco Vela. said...

Oye chico! Que yo ya entiendo bastante cubano, pero esa si no me la sabia!! Que con#os es jicotea?
Y tambien, porque te encanta tanto son#ar despierto? Jajaja!

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