Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Game 14: Vela vs. Ramirez (1-0)

And the Chess Match 2014 is over.

        Last Monday I won with the white pieces in a Sicilian, Maroczy Bind variation.

In the middle of the fight...

        I want to thank my friend for a fair and tough fight. 

       At one moment, after game 6, I was ahead 4 to 1, with just two more victories for me to end the match quickly and clearly, but in game 7 in a completely winning position I blunder a whole bishop and ended up losing that game.
        Jose started playing much better and he actually went on to win 4 more games (!) switching the score around to and incredible 5 to 4, just one more to perform his greatest come back, however, I was able to win game 13th, tying out the score 5-5, and that's how we arrived to game 14th with the knowledge that one more win to either one would decide the whole match.
       I took advantage of playing with white and went for a Maroczy Bind against Jose's Sicilian. He took a lot of time to move during the middle game, and unfortunately at one point, under severe time trouble, he blunder his bishop on f5. After that I exchanged queens and Jose "allowed" me to checkmate his king, with no time to think.

       Thanks again Jose, and thanks to your wife for all the delicious food during the whole year.  I'll see you in 2015 to start a new Match and another fascinating chess fight. Cheers,

-Paco Vela.

Here is the game:

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