Friday, February 6, 2015

Chess Match 2015...Ready? Set...Go!

   Our chess Match 2015 will start on February 23rd, Monday. This will be the 17th match in a row played between me and my friend Jose.

    I will have the white pieces in game one.
   The time control we'll use it's the same as in the National Open: 40 moves in 90 minutes, followed by Sudden Death in 30 minutes, with 30 seconds added for every move.
   This time we have decided to play a 12 games Match, which means that the first one to reach 6.5 points will be declared the Champion this year.

   Since 2008 Jose has not been able to win a match between us. In 2010 we drew the match, and in 2011 we played a quadruple round robin chess match with Juan Pablo Jauregui included, which I also won by just 1/2 a point, but Jose did win our personal encounter by one point, although at the end I beat him in the last game to win the whole Round Robin Match.

   I'm sure he's ready to fight and change the trend, but I'm also ready to keep the status quo and add another championship belt, so let's see what happens. The only sure thing is that it will be a great fight!!



Jose said...

Wow amigo!!!! Nice picture. I love your web..SIMPLEMENTE ELEGANTE!!!! VIVA PACO COÑO!!!

Paco Vela. said...

Gracias Jose!

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