Thursday, March 5, 2015

Chess Match 2015, game 1

     The first game of our 2015 chess match was won by my friend Jose. He played strongly and correctly picked out his opening, a Benko gambit.     I couldn't get used to the time control this time, (40/90; SD/30 plus 30 seconds increment for all moves) Anyways, no excuses. Ramirez won and deservedly starts the match as the leader after one game.

     That's the good news for me, we have just started and have 11 more games to go, unless one of us gets 6.5 points. I am getting ready for our next encounter, meanwhile, Jose goes to sleep like a baby. Congratulations!

Here is the game:


Jose said...

Wow what e game! Thanks my friend for a good time we always have playing chess.

Jose said...

for the good time.

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